December 2005
This was another year with a lot of things happening. Some highlights:

Joyce started Kindergarten which she loves. She is doing great! She is reading books on her own. She is doing great! She lost 2 bottom teeth in the beginning of the year.
Elroy started preschool at Mrs K's house and he loves it. Riding the silver bike is a big hit. He got potty trained just before school started.

Rene traveled around the world. Barcelona, Japan, Bangkok, India, Germany, UK, Prague, Paris & the Netherlands.
Karin got her business licence and is still working on two big mural jobs.
We went to the Netherlands in June and had a great time.

Making a gingerbread house at school.

My finished gingerbread house

At the tree farm.

looking for the right Christmas tree.

We found one! Around 12 feet.

Decorating the tree.

We have lots of help!

Dressed up for the play at Mrs. K's house. Joyce is a shepherd and Elroy is the Lamb (didn't want his outfit on.)

The Xmas Play!

Singing the Christmas song.
Both did a very good job!

Eating out with Nathan and family on his 5th birthday.

Christmas day! Presents!

What is it?

I got an umbrella! We need it sometimes!

I got a new bike. My old one got too small.


I got a skelter. It rides great!

Under the Christmas tree.

Picture for the Christmas card outside on the porch.

Painting a birdhouse.

Nathan, Nathalie, Arnold and Andrew
spent old years eve with us.

Toasting on the new year.

Happy New Year!